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Wild Rainbow Trout

Fly Fishing with a Master Naturalist
 multi-business phone Shenandoah Valley
Staunton, Va

 TROUTWe Guide/Instruct 7 days a week…~350 days a Year
Stephen T. Gibson: Owner & Main Guide   
Half-Day1 angler – $140 
Half-Day2 anglers – $190 [same as $95 each]    \
6-8 Hours1 angler – $200 
6-8 Hours2 anglers – $240 [same as $120 each]   
3 Hours
Mossy Creek Last 3 hours of daylight 
3-hours evening… (Not for first-time fly anglers)
No gear supplied.

Sunday – Thursday. 
1 angler $75 and 2 anglers $100 [same as $50 each for 2 anglers]  
Placing you at the right place, right time, right fly.

Back County Trout…click for details
Trout Stream Scouting…click for details

Jan to early June – Trout
Late May through late-September – Bass
Late-September through December – Trout

Trout Selections:
* Special Regulation Trophy Trout Waters: Rainbows & Browns
* Special Regulation Trophy Trout Waters: Browns
* Special Regulation Delayed Harvest Waters: Rainbows, Browns & Brook
* Special Regulation Wild: Native Brook & few Wild Rainbows
* Native Brook Trout Streams
* Stocked Trout Waters

Note: All fly fishing for trout requires the use of waders and wading boots.

Smallmouth Bass Selections:
* Wet wade in crystal clear waters: Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass & Sunfish
   (late May to mid-September)

What to Expect: Specifics for Guiding and/or Instructions for Fly Fishing with a Master Naturalist

Angler Level of Experience:
Advanced: During this outing,  we will only troubleshoot if needed (help you adjust to our area)*. You will enjoy your time in the water in peace and quiet as we invisibly watch from a distance. Intermediate:

On this outing, we will instruct only when requested and troubleshoot if fishing is slow*. You will enjoy your day in the water in solitude as we stay at a distance the majority of the time.Beginner/Novice: We will select the water suitable for your level. We will include casting instructions/adjustments, reading the water, understanding structure, air and water temperatures, water flows, seasonal patterns, fly selection and more. We will stay at your side most of the time but move away for a while if you feel a need to practice and work out any issues on your own.*For the Advanced and Intermediate Anglers, everything under Beginner/Novice will gladly be included if you wish. 

BAD WEATHER POLICY: Wild Mountain Trout Fly Fishing/Virginia Smallmouth will be the “sole decision-makers” concerning weather and/or water conditions.

Locations: Trout: Central Shenandoah Valley and the County of Augusta, Rockbridge, Highland, Amherst, Bath, Allegheny, Nelson, Shenandoah National Park, Madison, Greene and near the city’s of Staunton, Waynesboro, Harrisonburg, Lexington, Charlottesville and Monterey. Bass: Augusta, Rockbridge and Highland counties. We are located in Staunton, Virginia. 

To see the entire geographical range of where we Guide/Instruct, click HERE to see our MAP.

Click HERE to see images of a few trout streams we fly fish in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
Click HERE to see images of some of the Smallmouth Bass waters we fish in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.