Wild Mountain Trout Fly Fishing. Shenanodah Valley, Virginia

Owner and Primary Guide: Stephen T. Gibson in partnership with two other fly fishermen that are native to the area in which we Guide and/or give Instructions for fly fishing. We Guide in our own backyards where we were born, raised and have a family.

Where are we located: We are located in the Central Shenandoah Valley in Staunton, Virginia surrounded by the county of Augusta. We Guide and/or give Instructions over a large geographical range. To see our entire range, please see our map.

Experience: All of us have lived our entire lives in the geographical area that we Guide or give fly fishing Instructions. We know the streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, mountain ranges and decades-old history of the area’s outdoors’ like the backs of our hands. We have over 100 years of combined angling and mountain experience.

Businesses: “Wild Mountain Trout Fly Fishing”. The name was derived from the fact that all of us Guiding thoroughly enjoyed fly fishing for the most colorful native Brook trout and Wild Rainbows we could find. As fisheries biologist will share, the most colorful trout are in the highest elevations with the more unique food sources along with the freshest, clearest and cleanest waters. Therefore, they are the most colorful trout as opposed to trout living in the low lands or valley edges.

Added bonus when fly fishing these mountainous ranges with Wild Mountain Trout Fly Fishing – We also enjoy seeing Whitetail Deer, especially buck, Virginia Wild Turkey, Raccoon, Gray, and Red Fox, scattering of Bald Eagles, in the spring a sea of colorful wildflowers and butterflies and spawning beds (brook and brown in October and rainbows in the spring) and a kaleidoscope of beautiful autumn colors late September into October and November; None of which you will find when booking with a private stream with hand bought trout that are artificially fed to grow them to an unnatural size. Our offerings are the “total outdoors’ mountain experience” not a narrow and artificial “Big is better” in a private, posted water running through an open field on a wealthy city-farmers land.

Virginia Smallmouth. The name says it all. Our primary fly fishing species from June through late-September is Smallmouth Bass. We do though, enjoy angling for all of the warm water species during the hot months. Other species are typically Redbreast Sunfish, Rock Bass and occasionally a Redear Sunfish and Largemouth Bass.

Guiding and/or Instructions: We work to Guide or give fly fishing Instructions approximately 350 days a year. The number of days varies based on weather (especially snow and ice) as well as a few holidays.

Trout Fishing Categories. Where we fish:

  • Special Regulation Native or Wild waters in the mountain ranges
  • Native or Wild Trout waters in the mountain ranges
  • Special Regulation Trophy Trout waters
  • Special Regulation Delayed Harvest waters
  • Stocked put-n-take

About Fly Fishing Guides: What the fly fishing general public does not know, is that “80+% of all fly fishing Guides are office/home-based, licensed operations. The most popular of these office/home-based Fly Fishing Guides are world-renowned Lefty Kreh, Gary Borger, Bob Closure and John Barrett (ESPN’s Fly Fishing America, Fly Fishing the World and Cannon Photography) with John and Gary being our personal favorites. Virtually all of America’s saltwater charter boat Captains are home or office-based operations. So, if you think that a Guide “has to be” sitting in a retail shop all day long in order to be considered “credible” then we urge you to rethink that though, and in the meantime, don’t tell Lefty, Bob, Gary or John that they aren’t worthy since they do not have a storefront.