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HOW TO READ THE CHARTS: (Example: Allegheny Mountains, trout. East Slope)
Water Level: Spring Influenced [Lavender] - 100...means the stream channel is about 100% full.
Water Level: Spring Creek [Red] - 100...means the stream channel is about 100% full or less.
Temperature: Temp [Yellow]  ~34...means the stream temperature is around 34 degrees.
Pressure: Weekday [Pale Blue]...registers around 1%, means almost no angling pressure.
Pressure: Weekend [Blue]...registers around 5%, means very lite angling pressure.
Pressure: Holiday [Peach]...registers at 0%. No holiday's at present. No pressure


TROUT Fishing Report
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fishing report, stream report, water conditions, trout fishing, trout fishing report, trout report fishing report, stream report, water conditions, trout fishing, trout fishing report, trout report

Spring Influenced Streams: Running at 100% level.
Spring Creeks: Running at 80% level.
Water Temperatures: 34
Weekday Angling Pressure: 1% ... virtually nonexistent.
Weekend Angling Pressure: 5% ... very lite pressure.

Updated January 19, 2010:   With temperatures that have finally moderated, snow in the sunny areas along our mountain streams has melted.  Higher ranges in the shade though are still snow packed. WE ARE NOW SCHEDULING LIMITED FLY FISHING on a few select streams that we can access via state highways.  To book NOW or for spring, call (540) 294-0354 to reserve your date BEFORE someone else does.


PAST REPORT PRIOR TO THE SNOWS and ICE (November - December 18):
Put-n-Take Stocked Trout Waters: Streams, rivers, ponds and lakes are all receiving their normal stockings as the returning rains have nicely replenished water levels.  Mountain streams are flowing at 100% channel coverage.  

Native, Special Regulation, Wild and Fly Fishing Only Waters:  Presently all waters are flowing at 100% stream-channel coverage. We are fishing everywhere!. To book an outing for trout, please click HERE.

Special Regulation Specific: Jackson River (Bath County), Buffalo Creek (Rockbridge County), Smith Creek (Clifton Forge): These waters have received their yearly stocking.  Fly fishing slowly and in the sunny areas during the middle of the day will produce the most trout during winter from late-November through late-March. To reserve your date for trout fishing, click HERE. For background information on Mossy Creek, click HERE.  

Overall Conditions: All waters are running at 100% of normal.  Native and Wild Trout are fishing well. Stocked waters, both Special Regulation and Put-n-Take are receiving their normal stockings.  Most are fishing fine if you know what to do and when. To reserve a date for some trout fishing, please click HERE.

Report Coverage Region: The above report covers the following areas: 

Shenandoah National Park: From Afton to the Rapidan and Staunton Rivers. Counties include Madison, Greene, Albemarle, Rockingham and Augusta. Cities/Towns include Madison, Stanardsville, Wolftown, Ruckersville, Graves Mill, Criglersville, Charlottesville, Swift Run, McGaheysville, Harrisonburg and Waynesboro. 

Appalachian, Allegheny, Shenandoah and Great/Big North Mountains: Counties include Augusta, Rockingham, Highland, Bath, Allegheny, Rockbridge, Nelson and Botetourt. Cities/Towns include Staunton, Waynesboro, Harrisonburg, Wintergreen, Lexington, Buena Vista, Clifton Forge, Covington, Monterey, Warm Springs, Hot Springs and Natural Bridge plus the numerous small communities around these cities/towns.

Blue Ridge Parkway: From Afton Mountain Entrance to just beyond Arcadia and Buchanan. Counties include Augusta, Nelson, Rockbridge and Botetourt. Points of Interest include Humpback Rock, Wintergreen, Upper St. Mary's Wilderness Area, White Rock Gap Run and falls, Montibello, Whetstone Ridge, Irish Creek, Brown's Run, Yankee Horse Cascades and Otter Creek. Communities include Montibello, Buena Vista, Arcadia and Buchanan.

For a MAP of the above fishing and stream report, as well as where we Guide, click here.



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