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BY CUSTOMER REQUEST: Wild Mountain Trout is offering "Small Stream Scouting", for trout, a very unique opportunity for anglers who wish to:
.......Increase their catch rates
..........Better understand what to look for in a stream
.............Learn "Advanced" scouting techniques

Because there is water doesn't always translate into the presence of fish or other aquatic wildlife.  THIS IS A DRIVING and HIKING ACTIVITY.

Several streams (2-4 streams) will be included in the drive and hike.  Though some streams are drive-bys, many require mild to moderate mountain hiking. You should come fully prepared for hiking with hiking gear that you normally use even though most access is easy with light hiking.

Types of Waters to Explore:
Native Brook
Wild Rainbow
Native Special Regulation
Stocked Special Regulation (Trophy and/or Delayed Harvest)
Put-n-Take Stocked Waters

Primary County Locations:
Shenandoah National Park (Central & Southern Sections)

What to look for:
Ownership (public vs. private)
Stream temperature 
Stream shading 
Summer stream flow 
Quality and types of feeders 
Pool/riffle/flat ratio 
Fish cover 
Aquatic wildlife 
Stream width 
Stream depth 
Flood zones/damage 
Total miles of available public waters 
Present fisheries use if any 
Drainage use (wooded, pasture, other) 
Vehicle access (regular vehicle vs. 4-wheel drive) 
Availability of hiking trails 
Availability of old closed-off forest service roads and presence of past angling visits 

Location by Forest Service, USGS Quadrangle or DeLorme Maps and/or GPS. You will learn what we look for and study. 

If you are a fly-fishing angler at any level and wish to learn advanced scouting skills or improve on what you already know, and, would like to add a tool to help increase your catch rate, then please contact us at our multi-business phone line at (540)294-0354 to schedule "Small Steam Scouting.

Times: 8am-3pm, 9am-4pm, noon-6pm*, 2pm-8pm* ( * during DST)
Dates: Sept.12 - December 31, 2011 and Jan.2 - May 31, 2012
Rates: Streamside Study/Scouting - $15/hr. with 4 hour minimum plus $15 energy fee**. One Individual Only. (Ex: 4 hours Study plus energy fee totals $75, if customer drives, $60.) More time at customer request.
One guest is best for scouting for a variety of reasons.  Learn and share with your angling friends.
** Energy Fee will be removed if customer drives.


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