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Welcome to "Back Country Trout"... Dates: Late-Sept - Thanksgiving:  

IMAGE: A variety of sizes of the most colorful freshwater fish in the world "Native Brook Trout" and one nice Wild Rainbow.

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........Back Country Trout is dedicated to anglers with any fly fishing background who would enjoy a "wilderness" outing.  With Back Country Trout, we will explore the more remote, deep wilderness reaches of trout waters where the ridges are steep, hollows dark and cool, tall trees, a few waterfalls, an abundance of wildlife, in spring a million wildflowers and of course, colorful Brook trout (images below).

Is this for you? If your idea of fly fishing is to spend time next to your vehicle in a stretch of water where the trout have been bought, are fed by automatic feeders as well as by hand with buckets of Purina Trout Chow, all because "size matters" and it consumes "no effort, no challenge and no skill" then this is not for you.  This experience provided by Wild Mountain Trout Fly Fishing is exactly as our name suggest, Wild. Natural. This is a Certified Master Naturalist led activity.

As Freshwater Fisheries Biologist note, the higher the elevation, the colder and cleaner the water, the more unique the diet, the more colorful the trout.  These are the areas we strive to angle with Back Country Trout in order to catch-and-release the most colorful Native Brook Trout we can locate. You will put both your hiking and fly fishing skills to the test to reach our destinations and to successfully fish in spring water in some of the most beautiful terrain you will ever see .  

The hours we select for this type of experience is dependant on the season (October thru late May), air temperatures and water levels.  We may start in the morning and finish shortly after dark or we may start early afternoon and finish after dark. All details are worked out over the phone. But remember, make certain to bring plenty of water, snacks and a flashlight.

To consider enjoying this experience, you are welcome to email first though all arrangements will be done by telephone.

This is a MASTER NATURALIST Led Activity.

RATES: Full-Day - 1 angler $240 and 2 anglers $325. No half-days because of hiking time.

Call 540.294.0354
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Virginia Fly Fishing for Trout or Bass. Let us plan your outdoor mountain trip. A Shenandoah Valley Naturalist Experience. 
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